Friday, May 29, 2009

Personality Type

Recently in a certain contact program ,We were asked to take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test.I will get to the result a little later but what struck me beyond anything else about this test was ,it was formulated by a mother-daughter duo.It puzzles me how they got any work done.Anyhow,the test was extremely boring with repetitive questions.I must confess ,if it wasn't for the company i had while doing the test, i would have dozed off.Believe me,i am capable of sleeping in any kind of atmosphere, which reminds me of a certain happening in school.

It was a Thursday afternoon just after break.I used to squeeze in badminton practice session in the lunch hour those days hence was always sleepy after that.Today,i wouldn't dream of doing it.How priority changes at different phases in life?Isn't it amazing?Yes,it is.
It was the chemistry class.I hated the subject like i hated nothing else,the teacher like i can hate no one ever and the cloud looming above me during the class was that of hatred,basically.I had absolutely no interest in what she had to say only because she knew nothing.To make a silent statement,unconsciously my eye lids would droop.To my utter amazement i later found out that she was okay with it and only because i did not irritate her by asking questions like i used to, in the beginning classes.Ah!How i miss those lovely sun-filled days in skirts sleeping on the first bench. :) Bliss....

The results of the test came out and i was shocked by the revelations.I had expected to be a ENFP type.
i was surprised when they said i am an INTJ.

On careful analysis of my own self ,i realized the test wasn't an exaggeration.Many of my characteristics are similar to the ones expected of a classic INTJ.Although,in the leaflet which i got, apart from the rest of the blurb the one that stands out to me is INTJ's are skeptical.I don't know how much of the others are true but this one's definitely right.I hate this particular aspect of my personality.I am extremely critical most times to most of my decisions.
I wasn't sure about the test when i took it but once i got my results it somehow made me look at it differently.Nut just the test but also at myself.I personally believe everybody must be put through the rigor ,if not for anything else but to make you a little more patient.

Here's to the mother-daughter duo and to the profs who helped me analyze the results.
cheers :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And dinner again today :)

I am extremely jobless and satisfied with life per se.Three months of holidays.The results came as soon as we wrote the examination and The GPA was decent.I read at least one book a day.I have done a lot of things i have not in my last few years which makes me very happy.The 10 days (10-19 may) were one of the most beautiful and memorable in my life.Something I am going to cherish for as long as life is going to take me.So much of nothing to do makes me contemplate and retrospect over certain decisions in my life.It's unhealthy at times but it's good to know I still have a little motivation for few things in life.

I would have done hotel management if it wasn't for my extremely tam-brahmic sensibility of not touching anything that walks and then is killed to get into your stomach.Every time I cook i am reminded of this by friends and family.Someday this passion of mine will be a huge determining force in my life.I know.I promise this to myself :) How and when? We shall see.

We had people today for dinner.Close friends.So,i made some (white sauce) cheese pasta and Tiramisu.The mother and the other lady do not consume egg,coffee and kahlua (liquor based).So,i had to make two separate batches.But,it was all worth it.

Here is a look :)

And now for the dessert....

P.S: Somebody asked me if my last pasta was mix and cook type thing.No,it wasn't.I make my pasta sauces both red and white from scratch.Incidentally,the tiramisu here was also made from scratch.The base was baked,the whipped cream was made and the mascarpone filling was whipped by me :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

For supper today :)

We were supposed to Eat Out today.I had had three cups of "grande" coffee (one with an extra shot) in the morning today and could not take anymore of anything outside and moreover i was lazy to get dressy to go out.So, I decided to fix a quick supper.I went into the kitchen and here is what I came up with.I had made paysam/kheer in the morning but, I remade more of it again on popular demand by the brother.

Here's a look :)

They said , it was yum :)I believe them.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Birthday that was

00:00 A chocolate cake that I will always cherish

to Innumerable hugs, kisses, calls and songs

5:00 The younger roomie wakes me up

5:30 Other hugs that mattered

6:00 Yoga

6:45 The birthday song and wishes

Lunch:The big chocolate chippy cake with some on my face,the boats and the photo clicks :)

Sometime in the afternoon: The gift that mattered the most.I can't tell you how touched I was.As much as I am ever capable of being.

Late-afternoon ,most of evenings and the nights even: Good-bye hugs,hugs of promise and of hope and of the love that unknowingly bonded each of us together as a single family.

Suddenly,Ahmedabad felt like a city I belonged to,a city full of people I knew who cared and a city I would come again to.Someday,yes,I will :)

To every soul who made it happen.I love you :)

Signing off with Infinite hugs,
Illa pilla :)

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