Thursday, July 3, 2008

Race against Time

I got this mail from my brother yesterday.I cracked up after reading it just imagining my brother sitting with his usual "i-cannot-believe-this" expression.This reminds me of a similar incident just not-so-long back.

Hi Priya,
IF you ever happen to come across this movie named RACE. Race against madness, insanity...... ; that truckload of crap. please stay away from it and save from wasting three hours of your life and the countless hours regretting it.

with that cheerful not/admonition

Karthik anna

This experience of his reminds me of Fanaa.It had been two months since i had gone for a movie with ma.Just me and's always a pleasure to go out with her.Time when you can talk utter crap ranging from religion to philosophy to life to teachers to almost anything and getting in return some seriously experienced fundaes from a best friend i call "mom".And the absence of two males who raise eyebrows on any girly talk was a much needed change.
This is what happens when you have the right company but choose the wrong movie.The movie was three hours.But they say a movie is as long as it feels and by the time we were out mom had aged 200years and me a 100.I would have aged only 50 but for my mom's constant cribbing throught out the three longest hours of my life.

Having said this i would just like to thank the makers of these movies for having made such debacles.It relatively helps us appreciate the other really good ones.right?

Relativity.I hate relativity.Why should everything be relative?
Time,Space,grades,performance,adjectives and just about everything.Why can't somebody be good and that's it! Why should someone be better,best or badder(?) or worse??
It never works right for me.But it works for the world.The damn relative world!!
The RACE from RELATIVITY continues.


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