Monday, June 23, 2008

geht Deutscheland!

I have been highly charged up through out the EURO 2008.It's wierd how i like the sports i don't play on a personal level.I don't think i have ever watched badminton so rhapsodically.It's amazing to see people who actually live the game.The game,the players,the crowd ooze out so much vigour.
Pity our india can make an Australia every year but can't beat them at the game we try to be so passionate about.This clearly tells us where our gaming loyalties lie :P!

Notice how Trix and Flix are wearing bangle like things.They look so insanely cute.

So all fellow deutsche supporters say "geht deutscheland!!"
Hüftehüfte hurray!
Hüftehüfte hurray!
Hüftehüfte hurray!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


woo hoo.
woo hoo.
dhin chaa.dhin dhin.
This is the song for my i-am-elated dance.
Why is she so elated?One might ask.I have started my own blog.duh!
Have been reading some blogs for few months.Some real nice with big barron words and everything.So much so that i check the URL just to be sure that it does not say,others that were written with the sole motive of making the readers mind as miserable as the writers.In case,i turn out to be one of the latter,it is not my fault.Some unknown forces are scheming against me.There is no way i am becoming the first.Out of choice or that's what i like to think.

So,now i am a part of the's see how my tune goes.When i think of a band ,i see myself playing the bagpipes for some strange reason.So i assure we are going to have some tough jam sessions ahead.
Good Luck to me and to you, my dear readers.

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