Sunday, September 21, 2008


Three of us were sitting jobless when....

Me: "I have added this 'My follower' on my blog.You people go and become my followers."
Friend 1: "UM.....All that is ok.But what do we get??"
Me: "silence".pause (oh yeah!i can speak with my silent button on too!) "more silence."
F1: "Tell.What do we get in return?"
Me:"You get my blessings" (feeling very smart)
F1:"Even when we do not sneeze?" (with an obvious smirk)
Me:(lol look)

five minutes later.

I got up to leave.

Friend3(who was sitting there all along listening to the exchange of words very quietly but intently): HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......(rolling on the floor)HA HA HA HA.

Me(was almost out when i came back running in):What happened?(With my eyes the size of tennis balls)

F3:"That was so funny"(all along stifling a laughter)...."even if i don't sneeze part".....ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I quietly but finally exited the room with a smile writ large on my face.

Talk about TubeLights!!


lemon and lime

In the hostel today,near the white tiled hole which i call the sauna this was the conversation between two girls waiting their turn at the wash basin to wash their cups and glasses.They were holding their respective Vim liquid soap bottles.

Girl1: Arey yaar!Kitna time lagate hain yeh log.Bai log hato hato.Jaldi.Mereko ED karna hai yaar.
Girl2:(all the while not paying attention to what G1 is saying) hm........
G1:Kya sadma pohonch gaya kya?
G1:(jerking G2 forward and backwards)
G2:huh?!? Tera vim yellow hai aur mera green.aise kaise??! (with the most confused look on the face of earth)
G3:Arey simple!!Mera pakka nimbu aur tera kachcha nimbu.

I found it incredibly funny and i had to put it somewhere.GH rocks!!

:) :) :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Lately, i have realised that a lot of my friends don't follow english songs.Not just for its lyrics but they hate the music ,the videos and sometimes they simply don't see the point.Fair enough!
Considering a good proportion of us know nothing about our regional music and dance forms.I do not know a reason as to why we must follow phoren stuff.I am not saying all of us who do shouldn't, but if we do listen to it ,it must be for our genuine liking and not because our circle of friends or any xyz follows it.
For instance, a lot of my friends religiously follow metal,the likes of metallica,nirvana and other blahs!I find it highly suicidal and i like to listen to music that leaves my anvil and stirrup in-tact once i am done reacting to the beats or music!Well,thank you,sir!
The point i am trying to make here is ,we always have this prejudice of considering everything english and filmy stuff cool and yo!Why do we do that?Most of us listen only and solely to english or hindi (dhin-chak) music.
Why do the majority of us feel bored in a classical concert?Why don't we try and feel a raag and try to find it's meaning just like we do for an english or a run-of-the-mill hindi song.
When will WE,the present generation discover the old masters in their musical embellishment.
Indian music is the miniature of life's harmony in sound.It has sacred undertones and uniquely synthesises the senses,psychology and spirituality.More than being a sensate pleasure it comforts,soothes and touches our soul.

I will try an illustrate a certain point i had made earlier about feeling the raag.

Below,is raag bhairav.It consists of all the seven notes and is usually sung in the wee hours of the morning.After listening to it continously for a couple of months you might be able to follow it.And,listen to it deeply with love and reverence and you will realise the expungence of negativities in our mind.When the music is playing we must allow it to love us by being willing to involve ourselves into the music.


P.S:I wrote this post for a reason.Very recently when i was telling a non-musical friend to get his beats right by using the tri-tal,i was made fun of by an on-looker!I usually do not care about fun poked at me but it irritates me no end to see unsolicited advice or humour regarding my religion or music thrown at me!A lot of us don't have an idea or neither try to get an idea about the theory of relativity or metaphysics or any scientific fundaes in general.But we don't have the balls(pardon me) to comment about it in public.DO WE?But why do we rant upon something we don't understand just because no-one is going to punch you on the nose?

Having said all this,i just want to clarify how i don't hate western or dhin-chak music.i absolutely adore pink floyd and ABBA.And i sing a lot of hindi songs in public or otherwise. :)


Monday, September 8, 2008

ONCE UPON A TIME, when i was tagged....

A certain Friend of mine verbally tagged me with this task.
I first thought it would be totally stupid to try out something like this,but eventually i did give in.
Here is the basic idea...

  • For the questions that have been asked, write down your honest answer (in a word or two).
  • Type your answers, one by one, on an exactly-as-written-on-paper basis, in the search bar of any image search engine that you prefer (Flickr / Google Image Search etc.).
  • You MUST use the same search engine for all the answers.
  • For every answer, only from the FIRST page of the search result, save exactly ONE image.
  • Once you have a list of images, each corresponding to one answer, compose a post in line with this post that you are reading right now.


DISCLAIMER: I HAVE written my answers in the same font size on the left hand side corner after every picture.but,do try to understand what the pictures says before you peep.It is so much fun!!trust me :))
1) I am passionate about


2)My favourite place

a quite breezy moonlit night

3)I have a thing for
chocolate cakes

4)My comfort zone


5)My favourite animal


6)My kind of art

7)The town where i was brought up
not one ,but two.

8)The town where i live

9)A past pet
my bruno :'(

10) A past love


11) A current love
me,myself and aye!?

12) Best freind's nickname

13) I want
to be contended....sigh...

14) screen name
soak your head

15) A bad habit

16) A dream
i want to go to mars

17) First job

long way to go.....

18) I miss


19)What am i doing right now?

hoo haa haa.

Pictures speak louder than words.Need i say more??

About tagging somebody else.Well,i can think of a few names who i would love to tag but none who would oblige.
So,anybody who reads this and likes it and wants to try it,consider yourself tagged.ah...lest you forget, my name is PRITI. NOT preetthhii,prithi,pretty,prity, get the point,don't you?

(the spelling was for everyone who tagged themselves after reading are obviously going to give me credit right?? :P :P :P)

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