Friday, October 31, 2008

Save Power!

This version of google,our oh-so-loved search engine claims to save 750 megawatt-hours a year.That's quiet a lot.So,help save power and switch to this greener option just like I did.


Really funny,this one.

Chech it out, HERE.

:) :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting A High!

Who need's drugs to go high?
Who need's booze to get drunk?
Who need's Fag to get addicted?


Thursday, October 16, 2008


Proper punchat stuff.
KR sent it to me some time back.Just,opened it today.

Heil sarah!

SARAH PALIN reminds me of Jane umbridge from the Harry Potter series.I never liked Umbridge.I am all for Women power and everything but she is devilish.I meant,Umbridge ofcourse.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The law of gravitation existed even when it wasn't discovered.It existed even when it was being discussed and denied by many.It won't cease to exist even if we forget it a hundred,thousand or million years later.

So does God.....

You take a finite amount of time say an hour,two hours or how much ever to learn a particular academic fundae.A lifetime you say is not enough for people to understand you.You,sometimes feel you cannot comprehend yourself.It takes a lifetime to know things,people and anything around you and not without continous effort.But,you expect to know,understand,feel,see,touch God with no effort or little effort.Failing which you deny His existence and claim to be an atheist.
Whose fault is it?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fenny Benny lava

This video has being doing the rounds for quite sometime.Finally, Tam songs are being recogonised world over.We are going global,even without it featuring Rajnikanth.I hated it as first,even took it as a personal insult towards my people.But,like somebody said Only Sardars and Parsis can laugh at jokes meant at them.
Now,when i think of it.It is pretty funny and equally stupid.nevertheless,Ensoi.....

Here's the original lyrics of the song for people who care,like i did.

Kalluri vaanil kaayndha nilaavo?
Maanavar nenjil meyndha nilaavo?
En madi meedhu saayndha nilaavo?
Ennidam vandhu vaayndha nilaavo?
Haikuvae haikuvae... high speedil vandhaaye…
Eye browai male thookki, I love you endraaye…

Kalluri vaanil kaayndha nilaavo?
Maanavar nenjil meyndha nilaavo?
Haikuvaai haikuvaai… I love you endraale…

Male: April may eppodhum
Female: veppaththil veppaththil
Male: Endraalum ennangal
Female: theppaththil theppaththil

Female: Dolphin gal thullaadhaa...
Male: Ullaththil ullaththil
Female:ullukkul undaghum
Male: vellaththil vellaththil

Female: Pollaadha aadavaa...
Male: Naan pooppandhu aadavaa?
Female: unnaale imsaigal undaagum podhum podhum
Male: imsaigal ellaamay inbangal thaanammaa…
Female: ichchendra saththangal undagak koodum koodum...
Male: saththangal ellaamay muththangal thaanammaa…
Female: Puppuppu poochendae… puyalil poraadum…
Male: Kalluri vaanil kaayndha nilaavo?
Female: Maanavar nenjil meyndha nilaavo?

Female: pennOda pulse enna?
Male: paarththene paarththene…
Female: stethoscope vaikkaamal...
Male: solvaenae solvaenae…

Male: sevvaazhai maynikkul
Female: ennaiyaa ennaiyaa?
Male: scanning naan seyyaamal
Female: sollaiyaa sollaiyaa

Male: naan paarththaal paavamaa?
Female: naal paarththu paarkka vaa...
Male: urgent aa operation seygindra case um undu
Female: anbay dhaan naan seyyum operation case alla…
Male: Ellaikkul nil endraal en nenjam meerum indru
Female: Kannaalaa nam kaadhal kargil war pore alla
Male: tha tha tha thallaadhay… ilamai yerkaadhae…

Male: Kalluri vaanil kaayndha nilaavo?
Female: Maanavar nenjil meyndha nilaavo?
Male: En madi meedhu saayndha nilaavo?
Female: Unnidam vandhu vaayndha nilaavo?
Male: Haikuvae haikuvae…
Female: I love you endraayae…

I always hated anuradha sriram,the female lead singer of the song.She has this supremely irritating nasal,pseudo-highpitched voice that gets on my nerves.

Thnx to shanky for correcting the lyrics :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Three Mistakes of my life!

1) I read his first book and thought it made sense and was a terrific first attempt.Even though,he literally translated Hindi to english.
2) I read the second, thinking he might have improved.I was clearly mistaken.
3)I was Ms.Scrooge McDuck (my childhood hero and long-time crush) to have picked up the third over a Rs 350/- novel which i knew i could get for the aforementioned book's price in the pirated market while on a train from Delhi to Nagpur.

The cup half full;
1)A mail last night from appa said the book made for a fantastic manure to his garden.And,he was overwhelmed on knowing the price.He has ordered for a few more.

P.S:- 1)I wish people would stop using the fairer sex as cat's paw in their plots.
2)An equally fair amount of us believe that life is not all about smoking it up,drinking it up or sex'ing it up.Are we really too normal to be protagonist's in a book?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008



Navami h.52-45 , Uttarasadha Nakshatra h.54-38 , Atiganda Yoga h.02-08 , Balava Karana h.20-37

The last day of Navratri and yours truly has finally risen from her slumber.I wanted to post a lot of things for the last few days but too many journal,assignment deadlines coupled with quiz/sessionals/tests have prevented me against my wish to do so.
The season of coulours,dances,celebration,sweets,food was here.The celebration of
Shakti/Devi,the consort of Shiva/Vishnu in all her glory.The celebration of Womanhood.Nine days of pure,unadulterated festivity.Brilliantly colored rangolis,pulchutridonously
clad women,the bengali-pandals,the gujurati stick-dance and garbas and my Tamizh golus.

For the uninitiated,this is what the hindu festival of navratri is all about.

Goddess also known as shakti or devi is worshipped in three forms with nine names.One for each day.
Durga,the annihilator of everything evil and wicked is worshipped on the first three days.
Lakshmi,bestower of material wealth,money,power,fame on the next three days.
Finally Saraswati,the goddess of wisdom,education,knowledge is venerated on the third.

((The three together could be considered an equivalent of the powerpuff girls.))

On the ninth day all of us who normally claim to study hard throughout the year, give it a rest and let our brains and books cool.That is on Saraswati puja.
The next day ,on the eve of ayuthu puja we clean,bathe and dress all the intruments that make our living possible.Anything from a pen,scooter,AK-47,Bazooka,needle,zhadu is cleaned and given its share of manjal, kumkum.
Then,we have the Vijayadashami which is considered an auspicious day to start anything.Also,on this day we pay our
obeisance to our teachers or guru's.
On the final day we celebrate Dusshera.On this day an effigy of Ravana is burnt in most parts of northern india symbolising the victory of good over evil.

According to smartha tradition Devi is considered as one of the five supreme powers.An equivalent of wonder-woman of the smarthan justice league.She is the female aspect of divine sans whom the male power becomes null and void.Hence,this festival celebrates the female divinty and power.
Three cheers to WOMAN-POWER! :)

Some of my best memories are associated with this time of the year.The most obvious being the GOLU.
Few things i really missed owing to me not being at home were:
1)The cleaning and laying of the ziggurat like golu padi and the dolls,which i claimed to hate but secretely loved doing, amidst all of my mom's obfuscatory instructions.
2)Cloying amounts of protein overdose on all nine days from all of my mom's friends.And an even priceless discussion of it's palatability ranging from "thu,ennadi idhu"."blech,yevlov uppu/oil","besh besh,perfect".
3)Sitting through croaking mami's singing who gently reminded us,"ippo thondai seri illai,avlova nalla padu midiyadhu".While, me and my friends discussed

"I wonder what sen aunty and gumbal are doing.i wish i was a bong,cha!"

"don't worry,you can still marry one di"

4)Waiting for the list of people invited to pack-off home so we could run off to our dandiya night,just to watch our gujju sisters majestically frugging around the dance floor while we desperately tried to catch on or just watched gapingly.

5)Misti doi,moti choor,sweet sundal,rasgulla,milk kheer......(sigh)

6)And ,not to forget the hours spent getting dressed in pink,orange,kajal,bangles,huge ear-rings and everything else.

Festivities are not times you just pray to a deity for something material,for me it is a time i thank Her for the family,friends and everything else i am blessed with.It is not about kolu,dandia,dressing,sweets ,it is about the memories and the people with whom you enjoyed all the above.

Here,i take this opportunity to give my season greetings to all mami's,mama's,uncle,auntie's,friends,pati,tata's,fellow tams and blog readers.

Yah,better late than never!

And,here is a small surprise for you.Since,i could not be at home and be a part of everything i wrote above.Here,is a little something i could come up with.Before that a small description.

KOLU means a sovereign sitting in her royal durbar. As per belief, the concept of arranging these Navrathri dolls on the plank is to depict that Goddess Mahishasuramardini is sitting in her Kolu, prior to the slaying of the demon Mahishasura.

Thanks a ton to SHANKY for helping me out with this.Few errors but i was too lazy to do it again.

No.You are not getting sundal until you sing or dance or mimic or show any one of your talents.Whatever it is that you do well,just record it and send it to me and i will showcase your talent on my blog.Then,you will be sent a complimentary pack of sundal,vathalai pakku,kannadi,pottu,seepu,valai. :) positively!
And for guys,will take you to the next dandiya raas :) positively!
you are just a camera or recorder away!


(By the time most of you read this,you would have already digested all the edible and non-edible thoughts/entities of the celebration.Not my fault,Education kills.)


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