Sunday, July 5, 2009


There is absolutely no space in my laptop, whom we shall call Betty's hard disk. One day when i was talking about my grave concern on Betty being fully occupied, a friend suggested that i ask appa for an external hard disk. Uhm, so that is exactly what i did. Went something like this.

Me : Appa

Appa: sollu.

M: You know, i have no memory left.

A: Snigger. Snigger. (looking at amma) See, didn't i tell you, she's been acting weird since she did that bungee jumping.

M: (haha!!) Arey appa, my Betty does not have memory.

A: (Putting his coffee cup down) Who? Who is betty? Isn't that a girl's name?

M: Nothing to do with section 377 , pa.

A: (regaining his calm) So, who is betty?

M: My laptop's name.

A: Laptop's have name and all? I thought you only named that teddy bear in your room. What did you call it? Some poo... poochi...

M: (cutting him short) Pooh ji maharaj ji.

A: Your friend tells me you sometimes forget their names. Infinite quota for such useless information, i wonder how you even have space for what actually matters.

M: Ayyo, appa. There is no memory left in my laptop anymore. I don't know what to do?

A: Delete few things :)

M: But, i don't want to.

A: What do you have in your laptop?

M: Why do you need all that info? Anyway, I have lot of this and that.

A: This and that, na?

M: This and that na purinjukoyen?

A: Your essays, photos, videos and project and all? (not with a straight face)

M: Yes, yes

A: Ok , let me see it.

M: You don't trust me, na?

A: I do, but i still want to see it. Maybe i could do something about it.

M: No, you can't .

After a lot of probing , the father realises that I have more movies , songs and the likes than any really "important" stuff.

A: I think, yes I need to get a new external Hard disk.

M: ( joyous smile on the face)

After I entered my room, i did the victory jiggle.

The day after this day. The father comes back home with a red HDD. My joy knew no bounds. I quitely waited for him to do the honors of handing the shiny gadget to me. He did hand it, later in the day to me and coolly said, " Yes, i did take your advice and have got an HDD for my use!! and yes, could you teach me how to use it?"

Something broke somewhere. Into a million pieces.

The father, I tell you!

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